3 card Poker with bonus – a chance to add money to exciting emotions

3 card poker bonus

3 card Poker with bonus is represented by some additional bets and wagering options, where one of them is 3 card Poker bonus 6 cards. The essence is to make an additional bet within set limits on 6 cards. A player can combine own hand with 3 dealer’s cards to create a 5-card combination, where the minimal payable variant is Three of a Kind.

Some gambling sources can claim for Ante and Pair Plus bets together with betting spots. But in this case the winning hand is paid regardless the result of Ante/Pair Plus bonus bets. 3 card Poker bonus 6 has quite big casino edge at the rate of not less, then 6.74 % that is not very attractive. Besides, many casinos have even higher edge. But on the other hand this option is very absorbing.

3 card Poker with bonus 6 cards – odds and payouts

There’s one basic table with odds of 6 cards bonus, but depending on this or that specific gambling sources, the payouts can be different. So, below the table with the most popular variants of odds is shown, where the first variant is the most frequently used one.

CombinationVariant 1Variant 2Variant 3Variant 4
Royal Flush1000:11000:11000:11000:1
Straight Flush200:1200:1200:1200:1
Four of a Kind100:1100:150:150:1
Full House20:120:125:125:1
Three of a Kind8:17:15:15:1
Casino’s advantage6.74 %8.56 %10.23 %15.28 %
Frequency of the hit7.2798 %7.2798 %7.2798 %7.2798 %

This information should be absolutely enough to create right imagination of what and when the hands are paid.

6 card bonus strategy

3 card Poker is quite a simple game with not a great range of opportunities to make different bets and to use special options and features. But on the other hand, this simplicity attracts many players all over the world. As it was mentioned before, a player uses own 3 cards and 3 dealer’s cards to create a 5 cards combination, but not less, than Three of a Kind. Of course, it’s a risk, as it’s necessary to make an additional bet with no full imagination of what cards can be on the table then. But this risk brings adrenaline into the blood and creates additional interest to this specific option.

3 card poker bonus

If to speak about strategies, it’s difficult to invent something that hands a victory all the time. But some advice (including standard ones) can be described in the following list.

  • It’s necessary to look after the bankroll, own emotions and limits, set before the start of the game. These are the basic rules not only for 3 card Poker win bonus, but for many other hazard games.
  • If you have Queen, 6, 4 or higher, the play wager should be made in any case.
  • If the high card is Ace or King, you should take a part in the competition, no matter what are 2 other cards.
  • Queen and 7, regardless of the third card are also should always be played.
  • If the highest card is Jack, the hand should be folded, even if 2 other cards are high enough.

The mentioned simple rules should be treated as the basic ones to become a successful player in 3 card Poker.