3 card Poker win – the best way to fill pipe for gambling aficionados

3 card poker win

Every hazard game is played to bear away the main prize, and the same thing is about 3 card Poker win. This Poker variety is quite simple, with no need to use complicated strategies that makes it very attractive for the biggest part of gambling society, especially for beginners. Besides, it has a very good RTP rate, where casino edge is only 1.5 %.

All mentioned aspects, if to keep them on the basic question: “3 card Poker how to win?” allow giving a general answer: “Easily”. Of course, it’s necessary to understand the main rules and to rely on personal fortune and luck, but still the simplicity of the game is the main advantage that attracts players from all over the world.

3 card Poker win combinations

A participant plays against a dealer, who deals 3 cards to each gambler and to personal box. After a player has a look at the cards, there’s a chance to get one of the below combinations.

3 card Poker - pair
  • Queen. It’s the smallest possible “combination” for 3 card Poker win.
  • Pair.
  • Flush.
  • Straight.
  • Three of a Kind.
  • Straight Flush.

It’s necessary to understand the betting process, before starting to check own luck in this terrific game.

  • Ante. It’s a starting obligatory bet. If the hand is better, than a dealer has, the odds are 1:1.
  • Ante Bonus. This is an additional bet that can be placed by a player, if it’s a desire to risk and to get extra money. This bet is successful, if the combination on the hand is Straight (1:1), Three of a Kind (3:1) or Straight Flush (4:1).
  • Pair Plus. This type of the bet is made before the turn is started. It’s possible to gain extra win, if there are the following combinations are opened.

The mentioned odds are the main ones, which should be considered by every player, while participating in 3 card Poker tournaments.

The recommendations to win, playing 3 card Poker

Generally, this type of Poker is based on luck and fortune, as there’s no opportunity to replace cards and to use special tricks to make the chances to win higher. But still, there are some advice to be followed, if a player wishes to increase own chances to make the gain as big as possible. First of all, standard Ante bet would hardly bring many coins. Thus, it’s necessary to make the bets on Ante Bonus or Pair Plus. But, again, it’s a matter of risk. Such additional bets can give an opportunity to increase the win, but at the same time the probability of losing are also higher.

Another point is the simplest and the only one reasonable strategy. It’s always necessary to play, when a hand is Queen-6-4 or higher, but never play with a worse hand.

All given information should be absolutely enough for those, who are ready to try personal skills in this fantastic type of Poker.