3 card poker strategy: top winning tips

3 card poker strategy: top winning tips

This type of poker remains one of the favorite games for those who prefer online casinos. The game is also perfect for those who set their main goal relaxation than the intense multi-level strategic game. All strategic decisions that have ever been invented by fans of the game are as simple as possible, even a beginner can figure out the 3 card poker strategy.

The game was formed from the other two. For this reason, you have two possible options for placing bets: Ante and Pair Plus, and the second type of bet should not exceed the size of the first type of bet. The name makes it obvious that three cards are the basis for making the combinations.

The number of participants involved in the game can vary from 1 to 6 people. The reason is the limited number of boxes – the 6 of them. A poker player is allowed to play 3 card poker at once for several boxes if he is the only player at the table. Now let’s have a look at the casino 3 card poker strategy.

Best betting strategy for 3 card poker

The number of bets available in 3-card poker is almost always equal to three.

3 card poker betting strategy

Ante Bet
You can play this kind of poker only by betting in the Ante box. Keep in mind that in 3-card poker your hand plays against the croupier. If the player wins, the Ante bet is paid at equal chances. In addition to each win or loss, bets on Ante or Raise pay bonuses for combinations. The gambler manages to win Ante in 44.91% of cases.

The risks of playing each hand
To extract all the benefits from a series of victories, the casino has developed a variety of betting systems. In addition, a strategy has been developed that offers to bet on Ante Plus Raise. The basis of this strategy is the fact that the croupier can claim to win when he has at least the highest card – the queen.

Pair Plus bet
The secret of the popularity of the bet Pair Plus is that such a rate is paid 40:1. Here, as in many bonus-type bets, the casino’s advantages are much higher than in Ante bets. At the bet of Pair plus 25.21% of the total number of hands is paid.

Optimal 3 card poker strategy tips

Unfortunately, there is no 100% win-win game strategy for playing three-card poker, but training will increase the chances of success. General recommendations include choosing the version with the most advantageous odds for the gambler and refusing progressive bets.

When playing the Ante bet, continue on combinations of Q, 6, 4, and higher. Such a strategy reduces the casino advantage to 3.37%.

Summing up, we can conclude that in three-card poker it is better to play 3 card poker strategy pair plus, choosing the version with the best odds.